Mexico City Candle

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Inspired by the city’s vibrant culture and lively streets lined with festive music and delicious foods. Experience the zest, warmth, and energy of Mexico City. This aromatic blend of citrus, spice, wood, and oud captures and combines the passion of the locals, the liveliness & charm of Roma Norte, the modern sophistication of the Polanco district, and the richness and beauty of both past and present.

Notes: Bergamot, Amber, Oud, & Clove

Our candles are hand poured in Houston, Texas using soy-based wax blend infused with our signature fragrances. Our braided cotton wicks offer a clean and slow burn lasting up to 70 hours with proper care. Elevate your space with this relaxing and memorable olfactive experience.

How to use: Light both wicks for an even burn. Relax & Enjoy.