Travel Guide: Mexico City

Travel Guide: Mexico City

Reflecting on my journey through Mexico City, I'm constantly reminded of the deep sensory experiences that define this vibrant metropolis. Each street, flavor, and the colorful tableau not only offer a profound connection to the city but also helped shape our Mexico City scent at Saint Morgan. Let me share some of the highlights that not just enriched my visit but inspired the essence of our fragrances.

My culinary adventure began at Pujol, an establishment often heralded as a shrine to Mexican gastronomy. Here, under Chef Enrique Olvera's guidance, traditional ingredients transform into avant-garde dishes. The mole madre, aged over a thousand days, stands as a testament to the depth and complexity of Mexican cuisine. The balance and refinement on the plate sparked an idea for a scent that could embody the richness and layered complexity of Mexico City itself.

A short distance away, in the Little Tokyo neighborhood, I discovered La Tachinomi Desu. This standing bar is a unique blend of Japanese minimalistic elegance with the bold flavors of Mexico. The vibrant, bustling atmosphere, where locals and visitors come to unwind, inspired me to consider a fragrance that captures the spontaneous and eclectic energy of urban life.

Further into the city, Lardo offers a refreshing contrast with its airy, light-filled space and a menu that sings with Mediterranean influences mingled with local flavors. The transparency of its open kitchen, where dishes are prepared with meticulous care, resonated with the transparency we strive for at Saint Morgan. The freshness and simplicity of Lardo influenced my desire to create a scent that's uplifting and straightforward, mirroring a morning in Mexico City.

Quintonil, another culinary landmark, impressed me with its commitment to sustainability—a value we hold dear at Saint Morgan. Chef Jorge Vallejo’s use of indigenous ingredients and his innovative approach to Mexican cuisine reflect a profound respect for the environment. This reminded me of how our scents should also respect and reflect their origins, authentically and thoughtfully.

My visit to Xochimilco provided a vivid tableau of Mexico City’s historical layers. Gliding along ancient canals on a brightly painted trajinera, I was struck by the continuity of tradition amidst modern life. This experience inspired the watery, floral notes in our Mexico City scent, aiming to capture the essence of floating gardens and expansive skies.

Exploring the historic heart of Mexico City, especially the Centro Histórico, felt like walking through a living history book. From the grandeur of the Zócalo to the architectural majesty of the Metropolitan Cathedral, each landmark tells a story of conquest, resilience, and transformation. These explorations influenced the robust, earthy base notes of our fragrance, grounding it in the city’s rich past.

When night fell, the city transformed. The nightlife in neighborhoods like La Condesa and Polanco buzzed with energy. The mingling aromas of street food and the sounds of mariachi bands added layers of liveliness and warmth to the evening air. This vibrant nightlife inspired the spicy, spirited notes that underpin the evening aspect of our Mexico City scent.

Each of these experiences, from the serene green spaces of Chapultepec to the bustling markets of La Merced, played a role in crafting our fragrance. Mexico City is a place of incredible diversity and dynamic contrasts—a city where past and present coexist and new experiences wait around every corner. It’s this essence that we’ve bottled into our Mexico City scent, hoping to capture not just the smell but the spirit of this magnificent city.

Sharing these stories and memories, I hope they inspire you to explore not only Mexico City but also the unique narratives that each Saint Morgan scent aims to tell. Whether through our fragrances or your own travels, there’s a world of experiences waiting to be discovered, each with its own story to tell.

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